The Battle Cats Hack – Get Unlimited Cat Food & XP

In this article we will guide you through The Battle Cats game and how to use The Battle Cats Hack tool online to generate tons of free Cat Foods and XP.


The Battle Cats is really a completely bizarre newish tower defense game for that android and ios. While it’s been in Japan since 2013, Fight Cats has not been converted to British so far. Think a mix between Alpaca Evolution as well as your traditional Tower Defense style games with this particular oddball, while you quest around the world, defeating cat military from country after country.

Continue reading for many tips and methods for Fight Cats! Cats aren’t sufficiently strong? Conserve your xp to be able to upgrade them, just like each upgrade, their attack and defense increases. The sport doesn’t let you know because when much, but you can tell because each specific fight goes by faster.

Available Cats to Choose

  • Cat/Macho cat – Meat shield. That’s essentially what he’s ideal for. You will have this person through the entire game. Max him out. (you’ll certainly need him for that final boss in chapter 3)
  • Tank/Wall – this cat is essential. Junk e-mail these suckers and also the enemy won’t ever touch your base.
  • Gross/Sexy legs – another MUST at first from the game. You pair this cat with Tank/Wall.
  • Cow/Giraffe – Hits extremely fast, very helpful to take out several small opponents and beating levels rapidly.
  • Axe/Brave – Helpful to possess with the first stage, and even perhaps a bit within the second stage, but eventually this cat will probably be substituted with other better cats.
  • Fish/Whale – Again, about as helpful as Axe/Brave cat, more-so in stage 2 and three, but eventually you will not make use of this cat just as much until his true form.
  • Lizard/Dragon – This cat rocks ! when combined with Tank/Wall cats, although he only does single damage. Certainly have this guy leveled up. You will want to max this person out, as you’ll keep using him in some places indefinitely.
  • Titan/Mythical Titan – This person is really a tank. Excellent cat. Eventually, you’ll max this cat out, and level him as much as Jamaera cat – an absolute keeper over time.
  • Valkyrie – You’ll certainly be utilising this cat all through the very first 3 chapters, even into SoL before you get better cats.
  • Bahamut/Crazed Bahamut – He hits very high, but also, he hits very slow. Certainly a keeper and price maxing out eventually, as you will need him before you wear some other better ubers.
  • Meat shield (tank/wall cat, cat/strong/macho, Boogie cat)
  • Meat shield
  • Meat shield (if your third is required)
  • Niche/anti cat (anti red/black/angel/floating, etc. With respect to the level you are on)
  • Range hitter (gross/sexy legs, lizard/dragon, Salon/Paris, etc)
  • Range hitter
  • Tank (Titan, Whale, any cat rich in health insurance and damage)
  • Tank/Range hitter
  • Big hitter (the cat which hits through the roof, has truly high health, and more importantly has good range. Valkerie, Bahamut, etc)
  • Big hitter

Skills of the Cats

To put it simply, the majority of the skills are essential, but there’s certainly something to become stated about which skills ought to be leveled first. Don’t be concerned an excessive amount of regarding your canon skills early hanging around. It certainly is useful afterwards, but because lengthy as you’ve good cats and skills, your canon is not essential until afterwards. With this being stated, listed here are the abilities which are most significant:

  1. Cat Research – This enables you to definitely produce cats faster, meaning more cats around the battlefield. Prioritize that one.
  2. Cat Study – The earlier this really is leveled up, the greater it’ll repay over time. Also prioritize that one.
  3. Worker Cat Efficiency – The greater you level this up, the faster your hard earned money generates, enabling you to put more cats around the battlefield.
  4. Cat Accounting – Level this up and you will make better money for every enemy that’s wiped out.
  5. Worker Cat Wallet – Raises your max money. More income means the opportunity to produce several cats simultaneously, as needed.
  6. Cat Energy – This enhances the max quantity of energy. This doesn’t enhance the rate where energy refills. Should you energy/time glitch (that we recommend), this is not that important.
  7. Base Health – Don’t waste any XP leveling your base health immediately. Don’t even be worried about obtaining the treasures with this immediately. When the enemy reaches your base, then you need either performed the amount wrong, or you have to gain levels your cats.

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Treasures in the Game

How can you have them? – Any time you take part in the level you’ve got a random chance at obtaining a treasure. He game will a dice roll, of sorts. There’s no exact method in which will reward you with treasure guaranteed. Sometimes you receive it immediately, other occasions you’ll take part in the level 15 occasions prior to getting it. Save the headache of attempting to decipher it. Just listen to it before you have it, you’re going to get it eventually.

Treasure hunting strategy – When looking to get all gold treasures of the particular group, play each level before you reach least bronze therefore the item is going to be activated. Once the item is finally activated, you’re going to get a particular effectiveness % in line with the excellence of the treasures.

Which treasures to obtain? – Make use of the same guidelines just like skills. Production speed is essential, in addition to Worker Cat Efficiency. Within the finish, each and every treasure is essential and you’ll eventually want each and every gold treasure.


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